Tattoos Girls 8 - Bermuda

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PatternName: Bermuda


  • HIGH QUALITY LONG-LASTING FASHION TATTOOS realistic, water-proof, washable, durable and pain-less. Clear non-grainy fashion designs - bling that sparkles and shines guaranteed to dazzle and impress
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND EVENTS - on holiday beach, summer festivals, carnivals parties, concerts, weddings as jewellery accessories on arm shoulder wrist hand finger foot ankle chest back stomach face even hair
  • 8 LARGE SHEETS - different sizes of shiny foil and coloured fashionable tattoos - HUGE CHOICE; hot and trendy designs, including feathers, flowers, stars, tribal, bracelets, chevrons, arrows, dream-catcher, indian mandala, necklaces and many more
  • IDEAL GIFTS beautiful body-art stickers for girls, teenagers, women, kids, adults and friends of all ages for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, kids party bags. EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION designs exactly as shown in photos
  • EASY TO APPLY and REMOVE 100% SAFE non-toxic materials - our spectacular assorted temp flash fashion stickers are shiny gold or silver or coloured and multi-colour. Each sheet approx = 6 inch x 8.25 inch. Money back guarantee if not satisfied

Details: Your premium stick-on foil tattoo can be placed on hands, arms, face, neck, shoulders, chest, ankles, feet, legs, fingers, knuckles, nails - even hair! Use them also to decorate books, notebooks, folders or mirrors to make your home sparkle

Great facial decoration for music festivals like glastonbury and concerts, carnivals, beach, Halloween, Christmas or birthdays, weddings, bachelor, bridal shower parties, child sleepovers or other events. Look at our other Collection packs for more great beauty choices. Our metallic tattoo sets are perfect make-up tattoos for any occasion.

How to apply

1. Skin must be completely oil-free, clean and dry

2. Cut out the design of your choice and remove the clear paper cover

3. Place tattoo face down on skin

4. Rub back of tattoo firmly with damp cloth or sponge for 10-20 seconds

5. Gently lift corner of tattoo to check transfer is ok. If it isn't, press down and wet again

6. After removing paper, wait a few minutes before gently washing with water. Pat tattoo dry

7. Now have fun showing them off! How long tattoos last If applied correctly and treated carefully your tattoo will last for several days - avoid rubbing or washing the area excessively and don't use oil based liquids such as sun cream.

How to remove your tattoos

It's easy! To remove use cold water, cream or baby oil. Rubbing over with alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly.

Safety First

Do not apply to sensitive or damaged skin, skin around the eyes and skin prone to allergy. It is not recommended to use the product for children under 3 years old. In case of irritation stop use.

Our Promise

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know. We offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

So don't delay, buy this amazing collection of tattoos today to create the best fun eye-catching look!